Moped Rental – Kailua Kona


How to Book:

  1. Under the “persons” section above, select the number of riders. The number of riders is equivalent to the number of Mopeds rented. 2 persons means you are renting two mopeds.
  2. Select the days you wish to book. Click the first date you want to ride (receive the moped) followed by the day you want to return the moped. Our rentals are for 24 hours, an example of one day would be from Monday-Tuesday (24 hours).
  3. Click “book now”
  4. Once we receive your booking, we will text you and coordinate a time and place to deliver your mopeds.

The moped has standard USB Port to charge your devices. 80+ miles to the gallon!!! Park Free Most Places. Super Easy to Ride. Up to 35 MPH. No motorcycle license needed, automatic transmission (no shifting, just twist the throttle!).

Our mopeds have the biggest wave rotors available with stock Kenda tires, giving it excellent braking and control.


* All drivers must have a valid US license and be over the age of 18.

* Helmets, eye protection, and locks are provided free of charge.

* Delivery and pickup is FREE if you are in Kona and rent for 2 days or longer (48 hours).


Kona Physical Damage Coverage

Our recommended Kona Physical Damage Coverage gives a $0 damage deductible, Kona roadside service, and the use of our after hour contactless return. Kona Physical Damage Coverage does not cover theft or mysterious disappearance.


Please provide any additional comments in the comments section at checkout to make your delivery as quick as possible.